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Dolphin swimming is a great experience.
If you want to swim with wild dolphins,
we would offer you a wonderful time
with dolphins in the sea !
About dolphin swimming

First of all, we have some rules to swim with wild dolphins.
Please follow these rules and enjoy dolphin swimming.

・Don’t touch dolphins.
・Don’t chase dolphins.
・Don’t feed dolphins.
・Don't bring things that make an artificial sound like a whistle into the sea.
・Turn off the flash on your camera.
・Don't use a selfie stick.

About dolphins

<Mother and baby>
Mikura's dolphins are the species of Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins but they are different from
the bottlenose dolphins that are widely known in some points.
(For example, they are smaller than bottlenose dolphins and their beak is relatively longer and more slender.)

About 150 dolphins inhabit around Mikura island.
Most of them are identified.
They generally live in groups.

You might see three kinds of groups of dolphins.
1.Group of mothers and children. In this group, young females often join them.
2.Group of young males.
3.Group of adult males.
But the each groups are loose and could have dolphins of the other groups in it.
Friendly and Curious
Dolphins are really friendly and curious !!
When they are interested in us, they will approach us like this !!
Swim with Dolphins
People can often swim close to dolphins.
But they are wild so don't forget to be kind to them !
New Born Baby !
Baby dolphins are very cute.
You might meet such a pretty baby.
A new born baby is about 1m.
The baby has fetal folds.
They are marks on the skin that was creased when the baby was inside the mother.
You might see natural behavior of dolphins like this.

Dolphins nurse thir baby while they swim.

Dolphins sometimes play with
fish that they don't eat.